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Commercial Service

The LAC offers Commercial Service within the Industry Affiliate Program.

Within the scope of the Industry Affiliate Program, the handling of information and know how for jointly executed projects is contracted. The LAC allocates, according to the agreement, personnel, infrastructure and equipment for the accomplishment of experiments and consults the customer.

The LAC allocates equipment and know-how for the customer for the duration of one year. The policy period starts with bilateral signature of the contract. The contract is extended for one year if it is not terminated in written form to due notice by one entity at least 3 months before its expiration date. The retrieval of services is incumbent on the customer. Services are billed according to in-house expense ratios and can be used in the framework of the contracted payment during the contract period. Expense ratios and the entire scope of services during one contract period are negotiable. A reimbursement of possible not used funds by the Clausthal University of Technology will not take place.Property rights, rights of use, warranty and liability in the scope of above mentioned services are fixed in a separate R&D contract.The LAC offers membership as an Industry Affiliate at a yearly rate of 15000 €.

R&D sample contract for the Industry Affiliate Program (in German)


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