The LaserApplicationCenter (LAC) is an interdisciplinary facility, which primary thrust is the development of new laser technologies for the use in sensor devices and materials processing. Based on a vast expertise in the field of materials science and photonics and by using the full complement of modern laser technologies the LAC offers a platform for laser system solutions.
The foundation of the LAC in May 2005 is a result of cooperative activities between the Institute for Physics and Physical Technologies and the Institute of Nonmetallic Materials. The LAC is situated in the faculty of Natural and Materials Science at Clausthal University of Technology as an independent department.

Current research projects focus on developing fiber laser sensors for security applications, such as the detection of explosives in access controls, detection of anti-personnel landmines or remote detection of improvised explosivs and micro-sensors for high temperature process control or monitoring of current conducting cables.

The production and characterization of nanostructured surfaces and materials with a high-power fs-laser and the laser sintering of ceramic materials for photonic and biological applications provide the basis for the development of future chip-based sensor technologies.

The equipment of the LAC consists of diagnostics tools and laser spectroscopy equipment, UV to the THz spectral region and facilities for materials synthesis and processing.
Energy research projects will be implemented in close cooperation with the Energieforschungszentrum Niedersachsen (EFZN). The ongoing research and development work is supported financially by the BMBF, BMWi, BMVg, AIF, DFG and EU.

Executive Directors
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schade
Prof. Dr. Jürgen G. Heinrich


Goslar from the air. You can see the site of the LAC in the top right.House 3 here are the department 2 and 3 accommodated.




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